Who are the instructors?

The Blue Room, while forming our team, looked to gather people who shared our motivation and the standards that are the guidelines of our school.

Our instructors are accredited, with experience in teaching students of every age, and overall they have a positive and approchable attitude.

With this team, our lessons will be dynamic and fun, with a safe and structured physical activity!


Frederico started surfing when he was 4 years old with a bodyboard, with his family on the beaches of Algarve. Since then, Kikas has been doing an amazing carreer in surf, and is at the moment a sport reference to us all, in and out of the sea, being admired and respected by the young and old. After many years of focus, persistence and help from his family and sponsors, he managed to, on December 2016, aged 24, qualify for the world's most wanted tour. One thing is for sure, this achievement concludes a great chapter and start begins an even bigger one.
João Murjal
João Murjal is a great fan of this sport that he started practicing 15 year ago and since then he has not stopped catching waves. It was surf who gave him the chance to meet new people, different cultures and amazing landscapes. Marrocos, France, Maldives, Indonesia, Cape Verde and Australia are some places places that he visited and made an impact on his life. This is the feeling that he wants to share with all The Blue Room students.
José Mª Costa
A sports enthusiat, José admires the values that all sports carry and how they help people build character. After spending a few months in Ghana envolved on a social project and realizing how sport can make an impact of people's life, decided to dedicate his professional life to this area. The fact that he is a personal friend with all the members of The Blue Room is not a coincidence, since all share the same sport background.
Lourenço Cayolla
Lourenço Cayolla started surfing 20 year ago, and during that time he met Frederico, João and José, that are not only the founders of the school but his personal friends. It was surfing with these three that Lourenço bonded with this sport, and the choice to become a surf instructor was an easy one to make. With 10 years on the field, he knows that the most important thing is to share the "surf feeling", a feeling that he considers to be one of the best in you can get! This is his daily mission, challenging people to come and share an amazing experience with The Blue Room family!