Happiness is only real when shared!

Of everything we do during our journey, the things that stick with us the most are those shared with our friends.

At The Blue Room we value the true meaning of friendship, and look to pass to our students this conduct of respecting and bonding with the ones that are closest to us, always with a good mood and a smile!

The group lessons are structured with 2 to 5 people, so we can provide to our students a healthy relation with the sea, the sun and the sport, and allowing them to share the experience and truly feel what surfing is all about.


2 hours


1 Lesson: 30€

4 Lessons: 110€

8 Lessons: 209€

12 Lessons: 264€


  • Minimum age 5 years old
  • All equipment included
  • Reservations until 20:00 of the day before the lesson