The Blue Room by Frederico Morais

"The Blue Room" is not a conventional surf school. It does not compromise to teach amazing skills that can become a cover of a surf magazine! The mission is much greater. It is building character, developing the human being, showing all the good sensations this sport has to give, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, the feeling of sharing and giving all the tools necessary for each student to take the most out of every wave. We are not a school of champions. We are a school where every "champion" with greater or lesser talent, young or old, comes to absorb the essence of what being a surfer is all about.

The project was developed by 3 friends, with an idea of sharing every positive thing, experience and values that a friendship and surfing has given them. To them, surf is a very positive influence and a wonderful way of being in touch with nature, encouraging the sense of community and group, but always following a discipline so the best can be taken out of this amazing journey. And from this logic a physical space is born, a place where everyone is welcome to share moments and stories, or to rest after an intense day on the beach and the sea.